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Posted: 10/23/2016
Written by: Krewe of PFF7

PFF.5 Student Short Film Showcase: 2 p.m.

View finalists in the high school and college competition and cast your vote for the Audience Favorite Award!

Ballots will be given out at 2 p.m. and collected at the end of the showcase.

Q+A with filmmakers in attendance.


     High School films in competition


STATIC by Crawford Lemoine 2:10

This short film explores aspects of paranoia and how it can affect those who have it.         


RELIANCE by Peyton Finch 1:28 

This film is inspired by the European Black Death period. The overall theme is how humans rely on other humans to survive. 


MOMENTARY GOLD by Dane Bachman 6:43

An aging teenager must decide between keeping his childhood toys or throwing them away.


     College films in competition


FEED MY PEOPLE by Nicholas Vessell, (Delgado, 7:38)

A group of friends go out to feed the homeless of New Orleans every Saturday.


RELEASING EURYDICE by Tracy Norwood  (UNO, 11:08)

A sultry singer becomes caught in the depths of the music business’s underworld.


HERITAGE by Langston Williams (UNO, 10:58)   

After 13 years of incarceration, a father wants to reconnect with his son until a robbery at a convenience store may deprive him of the opportunity.


A MIND LIKE THIS by Marco Colosimo (Loyola, 2:49)

A closer look at creativity and Attention Deficit Disorder.


A SWARM COME APRIL by Mary McDade Casteel (UNO, 11:57)

A small religious community prepares for a series of insect swarms that terrorize them every spring.


RACHEL’S MADCAP THEATER by Joey Laura (UNO, 11:58) 

An eccentric puppeteer’s obnoxious boyfriend crosses the line, and her family of puppets plan a comical mutiny.     


SPLITTING MAUL by Trenton Mynatt (UNO, 13:00)     

When a group of outlaws arrive at his doorstep, Red is left to confront family history and make a choice to be the hero to his son or to be a craven. 



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