STUDENT SHORT FILM SHOWCASE - June 9, 2018 at the Mandeville Trailhead

PONTCHARTRAIN FILM FESTIVAL TOUR - September through November on the north shore

7TH ANNUAL PONTCHARTRAIN FILM FESTIVAL - Nov. 2-3, 2018 at the Mandeville Trailhead








by Academy Award nominated director Leslie Iwerks

Friday, Nov. 3, 7 p.m. at the Mandeville Trailhead

Tickets are $5 at the door


Celebrity chefs such as Paul Prudhomme, Emeril Lagasse, Leah Chase help tell the story of how Brennan brought New Orleans food, and chefs, to the attention of the world. A Meet and Greet with Brennan’s daughter, Ti Martin co-proprietor of Commander’s Palace, begins at 6:30 p.m. with wine and cheese reception.

Martin co-wrote her mother’s’memoir and is featured in the film.



Saturday, Nov. 4. $5 admission for all three screenings


2 PM - Student Short Film Showcase

See finalists in the high school and college competition and cast your vote for the Audience Favorite Award.

Ballots will be given out at 2 p.m. and collected at the end of the showcase. Q&A with filmmakers in attendance.


     High School films in competition


LEFT BEHIND by Matilda Plaza 7:32

A young man wakes and searches for his family.  


ALONE WITH ME, IN HARMONY by Zoe Carter. 2:42

This film portrays the life an introverted teenager who feels comfort in loneliness.


STREET FREAK by Crawford Lemoine. 8:04 

Magician Harry Copperplate receives bad news in the middle of his magic show. His miserable life ensues.


     College films in competition


IN FINE PRINT by Dustin Foret (UNO, 6:34) 

New Orleans artist John Fitzgerald, uses old school machines and techniques to make pressing prints.



An archeologist who sought magic his whole life, comes across a map to a mysterious island.


INTO THE GREEN by Mary McDade Casteel (UNO, 14:02) 

A high school principal is a queen in her kingdom of concrete walls and vinyl floors, until a teacher is missing.


MS. HERRINGTON by Patrick Sanderson (Loyola, 12:00)

A 16 year old outcast, is a good kid who is very interested in the opposite sex, but not in the way that most other boys are.


4 PM - Louisiana Made Short Films

A curated selection of films by emerging Louisiana filmmakers. 

Q&A with filmmakers in attendance. Student winners announced at 5:30 p.m.


ALONE, directed by Garrett Bradley 12:18 What would it mean to marry someone behind bars? With her fiancé in jail, single mother Alone Watts of New Orleans must decide whether to go through with their wedding.  


NICABOB by Daneeta Loretta Jackson and Patrick Jackson. 14:00. A lonely teenager inadvertently makes a real human connection when he shuts down his Youtube channel after haters attack him.


BLACK AND BLUE by John Swider with the Cool Collective. 7:22. When a black police office is shot down in the line of duty, his angry son and reserved father must look to each other for comfort.


CREATURES OF GOD by Sandy Parker. 14:51 

Two lovers are headed to the altar and small creatures are dying along the way. Predestination or coincidence?


FOREIGN BODY by Andrea Kuehel. 9:18

In the near future, a ballerina undergoes a full body transplantation and struggles with the physical and psychological implications that she is faced with after the procedure.


AUGUST by Caitlyn Greene 8:10 

Deep in Louisiana's swampland, a woman wakes from a fever dream where it has been August for 16 years.


GET OUT FAST by Haley Elizabeth Anderson 13:26 

A 15 year old boy remembers his best friend Coyote Boy: a free-living train-hopper who has gone missing.


Louisiana Film Prize winners: 7 p.m.

See the Top 5 Louisiana Film Prize winners including the $50,000 winner EXIT STRATEGY by Travis Bible. Other Top 5 winners are STAG by Jonnie Stapleton; CANDYLAND by Taylor Bracewell, SCOUNDRELS by Mark Blitch and MY FATHER’S SON by Kyle Clements.